DavEnd (DavEnd), DavEnd is a tender-hearted, genderqueer, costume designing, accordion weilding songwriter, performing artist and designer based in San Francisco. DavEnd has released two studio albums (How To Hold Your Own Hand, Fruits Commonly Mistaken For Vegetables) and for the past 6 years, has been touring extensively in the U.S., performing at queer teen centers, festivals, colleges, theatres and backyards. Between tours, Ms. End designs costumes, and most recently has been producing a new musical, costume designing and dancing in production numbers for songwriter Kimya Dawson, and appearing in Taylor Mac’s epic 5 hour play, The Lily’s Revenge. DavEnd’s current project, “Fabulous Artistic Guys Get Overtly Traumatized Sometimes: The Musical!”, brings together the worlds of music and radical performance art in a theatrical extravaganza, exploring the effects of heterosexism and street harassment on the development of queer identity. (photo credit: Amos Mac)

World Famous *BOB* (Fairy Drag Mother), The World Famous *BOB*, known for her over the top blonde bombshell image and incredible ability to mix martinis in her cleavage, has captivated audiences all over the world with her unique burlesque stylings, humorous performance art, and MC skills. She has been photographed by hundreds of photographers including Patrick McMullan, Mario Testino, and David LaChapelle. *BOB* appears in several books including Hotel LaChapelle, New Burlesque, Striptease: From Gaslight to Spotlight, Burlesque: The New Bump and Grind, The Brooklynites, The Velvet Hammer Burlesque., as well as The Burlesque Handbook. Believing that television is “the theatre for the poor” *BOB* is a huge fan of the boob tube and has appeared on A&E’s The History of Cleavage as well as HBO’s Real Sex. She has graced the pages of over 50 national & international publications including The New York Times where they referred to *BOB*’s art as “poignant”. The big screen suits *BOB* as well, her latest cameo being in John Cameron Mitchell’s film Shortbus. Word Famous *BOB* is a regularly scheduled guest speaker at NYU and has performed and appeared at over 20 US Universities including Harvard, Yale, and Bard. She has performed all over the world and starred in the last five Wigstock festivals. From NYC’s Dance Theatre Workshop to Stockholm’s Sodra Teatern, World famous *BOB* has brought crowds together by pointing out what we all have in common- the need for love and creating that with her art in the moment. Her last on stage endeavor was as co-creator and performer in Young Jean Lee’s Untitled Feminist Show. *BOB* continues her life in the arts and is also an Ultimate Self Confidence! Coach for women worldwide. For more info visit (photo credit: Deidre Schoo)

Stanley Frank, Officer Homo, I am a performer, artist and dj who has lived in San Francisco for almost 15 years. Among my recent theater work has been sketch comedy with “Funny but Mean” and drag performances at the Stud’s Club Some Thing. Acting has always been an important facet in my life, I grew up around artists and had my first musical lead by the age of 9. What fascinates me most is the human condition(ed) and the evidence of the precarious placement of social order and action over the miasma of the animalistic id. It is this drama that is ever-present in all dimensions of the human experience, and therefore relevant to all forms of “performance” (including being). I source from all of these things I see, from classical theater to high camp drag, from the cult of popular culture to the awkward nuances of social discourse; I hold them all in equal esteem and relevance. It is this golden dichotomy, the coexistence of apparent opposites (the sacred and the profane, the tragic and the comedic, the beautiful and the ghastly, the male and the female, etc.) that most heavily informs my moral, intellectual and artistic aesthetics. F.A.G.G.O.T.S. is no exception. I would like to thank DavEnd and the rest of the cast/crew for sharing parts of themselves with us. For every other person’s experience we are able to witness helps tilt the mirrored light a little more towards ourselves…. and that’s kewl!

Travis Santell Rowland (Fruitcake), Travis Santell Rowland, interdisciplinary performing artist, holds BA degrees in both Drama (Popular Theatre) and Dance (Performance & Choreography) from SFSU. The breadth of his performance experience spans the mediums of hip hop/contemporary/modern dance, physical/dance/musical/children’s theatre, drag (as Qween), film, opera, and site-specific art. His active athletic background includes competitive gymnastics, wrestling, football, track, baseball, swimming, volleyball, and kickboxing. He has performed in The Ten P.M. Dream for Della Davidson’s Sideshow Physical Theatre, Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dionysus for trixxie carr, Certitude and Joy for Erling Wold’s Fabrications, and Talkback for Crowded Fire Theater. Travis was both performer and collaborating choreographer in Taylor Mac’s The Lily’s Revenge for Magic Theatre, The Tempest for California Shakespeare Theater, The Witch of Endor for Urban Opera, and in the Fame Whore music video for the Tim Carr Project. Presently, he enjoys performing as a collaborating choreographer with The Erika Chong Shuch Performance Project, Joanna Haigood’s Zaccho Dance Theatre, the House of Glitter, the House of Emo, and is thrilled to be part of DavEnd’s F.A.G.G.O.T.S.: The Musical!.

Nomy Lamm (Pansy), Nomy Lamm is a writer, musician, performance artist and voice teacher. She first bloomed in the world of underground queer theatrics as a wee punk rocker in the Pacific Northwest, singing in bands and performing in drag. In 2000, she co-wrote and co-starred in the genderqueer anti-capitalist punk rock opera “The Transfused,” and soon after co-created and performed in the touring production of “Dr. Frockrocket’s Menagerie and Medicine Show.” Her current musical project, “nomy lamm & THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD,” is a flexible platform for collaboration with everyone and everything, including other musicians, poets, puppeteers, and the moon. She performs regularly with Sins Invalid, a bay area performance project weaving themes of disability, sexuality and social justice, bringing dream worlds to life in the form of musical performance art personae (a baby bird in a nest of legs; a fat mermaid urging you to release your sadness; a slapstick wrestler battling it out in a “God-Wrestling” tournament…) She writes an advice column for Make/Shift magazine called “Dear Nomy,” and has just completed the manuscript of her first book, a collection of interconnected short stories revealing moments of trauma and transformation in the lives of a handful of girls, queers, and trans people, titled 515 Clues.

Ben McCoy (Pussy), Ben McCoy is a writer and performance artist. Ben has toured with the legendary Sister Spit, been published in a few anthologies, and gives high quality facebook update statuses. Recent shamanic exploration reveals Ben’s spirit animal is Lindsay Lohan. (photo credit: Cabure A. Bonugli).





Rotimi Agbabiaka (Flamer), Rotimi is so super excited to be one of the F.A.G.G.O.T.S. When he’s not appearing on the Counterpulse stage you can find him playing James Brown at Beach Blanket Babylon, doing drag and drag backup dancing, or shaking his ass at a dance party near you. His favorite things right now are houndstooth and lace.





Maryam Farnaz Rostami (Mirror) is a San Francisco based contemporary performance artist and drag queen from Texas. Her work deals with the complexities of the modern condition through the lens of the child of model minorities. Maryam is dedicated to artistic engagement as an invitation for thinking about, looking at and talking to one another differently. Mona G. Hawd, Maryam’s drag/nightlife persona, uses lipsync, movement, narrative, dance and an exaggerated high femme medium to question ownership of images in our culture. Her most recent theater piece, PERSIAN LOOKING, explores the notion of righteous modern female rage. Spielautomaten und Casino Spiele